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‘Blade Runner’ Star Disputes She Stole Laptops From Movie

What to Know

  • Cops are looking to question actress Sean Young in connection with the theft of two computers with footage from a movie she was fired from

  • The movie, called “Charlie Boy,” was being shot in Queens; actor Greg Kritikos and director Timothy Hines are begging for the equipment back

  • The crew says Young was supposed to return and pick up some personal items but she broke in instead and stolen the two computers

Authorities are looking to question “Blade Runner” actress Sean Young in connection with the theft of two laptops stocked with footage from a film being shot in Queens, which Young was fired from four months ago. 

Law enforcement sources said Young and her son stole two Apple Mac Pros with about $12,000 worth of video production software on them, but Young later disputed that she knowingly stole the equipment. 

Sources say the 58-year-old actress, who has 121 film credits over a career spanning more than three decades, appeared to have gone into an apartment in Queens with her son around noon Thursday without permission.

Then the equipment was missing. Cops want to question both Young and her son. 

Actor Greg Kritkos and director Timothy Hines were working on the film being shot in Astoria, called “Charlie Boy.” All the footage disappeared after the theft, though thankfully, there is a backup, they said. 

“We want our property back. It belongs to us,” said Kritikos, who also wrote the screenplay. “All of Timmy’s hard work, everything we’ve been editing.” 

“I can’t describe the feelings of that,” said Hines, who got the job after Young was fired four months ago. “It’s like your baby being taken away.” 

Young was supposed to return and pick up some personal items from the set, but the crew said she stole the two computers full of footage — months of hard work. Nearby restaurant Beans and Lager captured Young and her son walking away with the equipment.

Hours after being asked for comment, Young released a statement through her representative Friday night. 

“I was scheduled to retrieve my belongings from an apartment where I had been previously staying while working together with director Timothy Hines and producer Dominick Martini,” Young said. “I was expected and had confirmed my expected arrival with the buildings owner. When I arrived nobody was there to receive me, but the door was unlocked and I assumed it had been left open so that I could pick up my belongings.”

“I gathered what I believed to be my property but later discovered I was mistaken,” she said.

Young said in the statement that she’s contacted Martini to return the two laptops she mistakenly took, and to pick up the two laptops she was supposed to get. She claimed Hines has since been leaving “threatening” voicemails and releasing “untrue, slanderous” statements to the press. 

“I have not been contacted by the police or any lawyers regarding this matter,” she said. 

Hines told News 4 earlier Friday: “I’m more sad than I am angry. I’m upset that she would do this. And I’m sad, sad for Sean.” 

Kritikos and Hines said they’re disappointed by a person they once trusted. 

“Give us our computer equipment back. Please. Please,” said Hines. “You still have an opportunity in this world to use your talent in a good direction.” 

A representative for Young told News 4 the allegations are shocking and doesn’t fit with her character.

Young appeared in multiple TV series, from “The Young and the Restless” to “ER” and “The Alienist.” She’s best known for her film roles in “Blade Runner,” “No Way Out” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” where she played the role of Lt. Lois Einhorn.